Monday, June 26, 2006

Free Online Virus Scanner

"This service is by no means 100% safe. If this scanner says 'OK', it does not necessarily mean the file is clean. There could be a whole new virus on the loose. NEVER EVER rely on one single product only, not even this service, even though it utilizes several products. Therefore, We cannot and will not be held responsible for any damage caused by results presented by this non-profit online service.

Also, we are aware of the implications of a setup like this. We are sure this whole thing is by no means scientifically correct, since this is a fully automated service (although manual correction is possible). We are aware, in spite of efforts to proactively counter these, false positives might occur, for example. We do not consider this a very big issue, so please do not e-mail us about it. This is a simple online scan service, not the university of Wichita.

Scanning can take a while, since several scanners are being used, plus the fact some scanners use very high levels of (time consuming) heuristics. Scanners used are Linux versions, differences with Windows scanners may or may not occur. Another note: some scanners will only report one virus when scanning archives with multiple pieces of malware.

Virus definitions are updated every hour. There is a 15Mb limit per file. Please refrain from uploading tons of hex-edited or repacked variants of the same sample.

I've used Jotti's malware/virus scan for the longest time and is so useful. It's so popular now it takes a while to let service load go below 100% so you can start scanning.


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