Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ashen Empires Resource Gatherer

Ashen Empires Resource Gatherer helps by eliminating the constant clicking of the mouse along with the shortcut 'u' key. It will now stop automatically when there is nothing more to gather and continue when using the right mouse button to move to another location. When the right mouse button is down it stops until released. It is an old program that I updated for Ashen Empires that I'm sure will make gathering ore, seeds, fish, log, etc., easier and less strenuous.

Current working Pointer Address: 4F694C

I used a pointer address from the game that I use to find the DMA address which I useto read 20 characters of text from the chat. Sometimes the pointer address will change so I made sure I added a way to add a new pointer address manually into the program and set it. If the program seems to not be working than most likely there is a new pointer address that needs to be set which I'll always have posted at the top of this post in bold. The link located at the bottom of the program will take you to this exact post.

I was also going to release a macro type of program that would help with doing the actual trade skill but that would be too difficult now because of the new anti-macro system they implemented awhile back. I'm also going to be playing AE again here soon and will help those who are starting out in AE.

I still have a SA Trainer v4, GB Manual AIMBOT, universal Flash trainer making kit and among other things still to finish. I recently updated the GB AIMBOT so it is much easier now to get the correct wind angle which is done now by simply clicking on the tip of the wind arrow in game. The Flash trainer making kit will be an on going project that I'll probably be making a separate website dedicated to it.

I'll be making a post tomorrow regarding an event I'll be having here at Opium Test which should be fun.

Check out Tom Green's Online live show tonight which should be good because the hilarious Harland Williams is going to be there. It starts at 6:00PM PST / 9:00PM EST.

Ashen Empires Resource Gatherer v1 only for gathering fish, ore, seeds, fish, etc.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey jake do u have gaiaonline hacks if u dont plzz make one plzzz dude gaia is like a kool game

April 19, 2008 9:15 AM  

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