Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trainer and Variable Protector Program

Trainer Protector is a simple but useful program that will prevent nubs from using a hex editor to edit out an executable's strings with their own. It generates a list of variables named var which hold and hide the Flash games variable in Chr$() string code. It will include a comment after each converted string that will show the original variable name which I'm sure will help if there are many variables. Remember that comments are never included in the final executable when the Visual Basic source is compiled. I also put an option for a quick string conversion for use of the trainers caption/title or even the Flash game movie URL, etc. I noticed recently that some people from CE forums were having trouble with this exact problem which inspired me to put this program together quickly and share with other who make Flash game trainers with Visual Basic.

I used the same protection in my AQ Trainer v2.5 trainer for most of the variables/caption and recommend that everyone do the same. A new and working AQ Trainer v3 will be released this week but don't be surprised if there isn't many new cheats because there is not much one can come up with that hasn't already. Send me an email or leave a comment with suggestions/ideas to include in AQ Trainer v3.

DOWNLOAD HERE - TrainerProtector.zip
Visual Basic Flash trainer/variable hex edit prevention

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

a gold/z-tolken permament hack wud be good also some fun hakz like i seen 1 that makes ur pet fly about the screen or 1 that gives u red dots on ur face

July 16, 2008 6:00 PM  
Anonymous matt said...

Please Email me at maat7043@hotmail.com. I could use some help with packet editing

August 06, 2008 8:24 AM  

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