Sunday, May 24, 2009

AutoFish v1b fixed and more to come..

EDIT: I added auto game updater and a way to log in to GaiaOnline through the bot so it should work with every game update.
EDIT: I just fixed the normal method of botting so it doesn't save too quickly and not save, so download new version below.

I have made some minor fixes to the AutoFish v1b fishing bot which is for the multiplayer online fishing game from I fixed the correct game file version and the base url/variables. I fixed the silent fishing method so that it will actually catch the correct rare fish if one is available of course and also made it catch random available fish instead of the same every time. I forgot to change each fish ID in the old ActionScript code so if one did catch a rare fish it could have caused problems thus not saving. I also had to change the Rare fish check SWF file as well so it would catch one if possible. I cleaned up some ActionScript code in a few. I took out the hot keys for the manual method. There might be some other fixes that were done awhile back that I missed since it has been quite awhile. I was going to add a fake fish catch/fish escape alert loop inside the Silent method ActionScript code but wasn't sure if it would be another efficient security. If anyone wants this added then maybe I'll post a download link for a new Silent.swf in the main AutoFish v1b post later.

I have been working on a Stick Arena: Ballistick trainer off and on since the game came out but never got around to making an actual release. I was actually the first one to have a working reload cheat and others as well that some witnessed in the game..hehe. They have fixed the reload cheat unfortunately but other cheats I did have work fine still. All but a few of the cheats will be coded in ActionScript 2 because I plan on making it easier for people to update the trainer by simply downloading updated SWF files and placing them into the folder. There will definitely be a few new and never before seen cheats or features in this trainer. Picture preview below and video to follow soon..

Look for this SAB trainer in the next few days along with a new FFR trainer/bot.

AutoFish v1b - fishing bot *Updated December 26th, 2010*

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