Friday, November 27, 2009

DragonFable Free Amulet - WPE PRO Tutorial

Winsock Packet Editor(WPE PRO) is a network packet tool that sniffs out packets sent from application/game servers to your client. The packets you receive are nothing but strings of data which allow application/game servers to communicate with the client. The filter option in WPE PRO is the best feature which is where you will be modifying packets sent from the server and is very easy to use as you can see from the video. I suggest saving the filters because it's not fun modifying those longer packets many times and is more convenient.

Many people tend to forget about WPE PRO for analyzing or an alternative to cheating web applications. I remember using the first version and TSearch awhile back for cheating in games. Most games now have some sort of protection against edited/sending packets but works great for many browser type of games such as DragonFable. I have a video tutorial I created awhile back for DragonFable which demonstrates just how quick and easy a cheat is created for a browser game and believe it or not it still works!


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