Saturday, July 09, 2011

Dransik Macro Checker Sikuli Script Hack

I made this simple Dransik macro bypass hack back in mid March and decided to share with everyone. As you can see from the Sikuli script code it took me only 10 lines of code to have a 100% working macro check hack. The "a" variable in the script holds a region capture of the entire macro window in game, so just click the "Create Region" button in Sikuli when it pops up in game and capture the entire macro check window. The while/exists in the script is to make sure we continue to run the script only when the NPC guy pic in this case still exists in the region. You can stop the script by simply opening the skills window or covering it with the backpack. The code is self explanatory and one could easily incorporate more code to make a macro for different skills in game. I made a simple forging/smelting macro for example with the macro check script. I'm going to include a zip file containing the Sikuli script for quick custom script making, enjoy.

dransikbypass.sikuli macro check hack script


Blogger GusToughSon said...

Just to let you know i appoligize its a script, I dident relize, Anyways this program you use, i just used some of your script but anyways it pwns facebook games to macro thanks for the idea but again no links on my blog thanks.

July 09, 2011 5:54 AM  

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