Sunday, October 21, 2007

Adventure Quest Trainer v2.5 Soon!

We recently had a wind storm hit here in Washington which knocked out the power for 1 1/2 days. I have been working on an updated version AQ Trainer which will fix that problem with auto battle options and instakill. It was a simple one line of code I forgot to add to the on/off switches which was to unload the SWF from the game. That was the cause of the game completely going gray and being shut down/unloaded. I am actually changing that Gigamesh auto battle to a user defined monster ID auto battle which will allow any ID/monster you want to auto battle. I'm not 100% sure if this going to work but I'm going to add an anti cheat detection option. I also found a way to completely hide a custom built SWF file from being seen by anyone..anyone mainly being the game developers because I know they can easily fix the code going through them. Just thought I'd let everyone know that they can expect an updated and 100% working AQ Trainer tomorrow!

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Anonymous usman said...

heey tnx but in the next version can u fix the things u can buy in thunder mountain jagged peaks and alphanar if u click buy like asgardian orso then u wont go to that chest but ull be on same page except that button got away and u have only the chice go home and go further but further the same problem

October 22, 2007 8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

W00T!!! way a go jake! You rock at making adventure quest trainers! You are #1!! (by the way...could you make a dragon raja trainer soon?)

October 22, 2007 2:52 PM  
Anonymous flame said...

when are you going to realase you next version in your aq trainer

December 15, 2007 7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an exxxxxxxccccccceeeeeeeeellllllllleeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnntttttttttt
All Nightmare,Tomisback,Gerad,Talix and Br1tn3y are waste
you rock dude!!!!!

December 18, 2007 6:38 AM  

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