Sunday, December 23, 2007

Paladin RPG Flash Game

Paladin is one kick ass Flash RPG game which was developed with inspiration from a series of Flash episodes by the author JAZZA. The game could not have been completed though of course without the help of a brilliant Action script/Flash coder who goes by Moonkey. If you want to see the game in action before trying it out then take a look at this Paladin teaser trailer they posted awhile back.

The game has cheats that can be unlocked by cracking the game every time and more so on a higher difficulty setting. It currently has 6 bosses, 9 Acts, spells, attack combos, leveling system, awesome game play music with cut scenes/animations! I hope they continue to work on this game in the future because it is easily one of the best Flash games I have seen. Still reading this?... Start playing below NOW!

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