Sunday, October 26, 2008

AutoFish v1b Released

The Gaia Online fishing bot AutoFish v1b has been finally released. There were a few needed fixes and updates including a few major beings the captcha problem and SWF movie location. I was going to release it yesterday but I was running into a problem in the RareFish? button which had trouble sending the fscommand at all after rare.swf was loaded. I was using a msgbox inside the RareFish? button for when a rare fish was found but it was canceling out the fscommands completely which is needed for putting the rare fish available to zero and notifying the user that one was caught.

A kick ass feature I added was the ease of manual fishing now because of hot keys(UP, RIGHT, LEFT keys) which is turned on by pressing the Cast button and will turn off automatically when the bucket is full or hot key RIGHT. The UP key will cast and the LEFT key will catch the fish instantly. When the hot key timer is running it will also display which fish currently is hooked making it easier as well while manual fishing. This update to the manual fishing method will allow the user to easily and quickly catch specific fish. Remember to not catch the last fish too quickly or it will not save.

I also added a countdown time for the Silent auto fishing method which starts soon as the fish is added to the bucket and off when reached to zero. The Silent method will also now start correctly after finishing a bucket using the regular method or manual.

I am not sure when I will release the source for AutoFish v1b but I am putting up a download link for the Ederon Exploit Visual Basic 6 source code, which still works!

AutoFish v1b - fishing bot *Updated December 26th, 2010*

DOWNLOAD HERE - EderonExploitSRC.rar
Ederon Online-Trading Card Game - Free Cards/Exp Exploit Visual Basic 6 source code


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