Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ederon Free Cards and Win/Exp Exploit

Awhile back I submitted a post talking about the multiplayer card game Ederon and how I discovered a few exploits after playing around with the game but immediately took the post down which had a card/win/exp exploit.  I took it down because I was contacted by the developer of Ederon and he wanted to know how he could secure it so I gave him some info and was supposed to get a free deck/upgrade but never did. Well I decided to check the game out again and it seems he decided to fix the simple exploit I found awhile back which I discovered by looking at the AS code and using the FireFox add-on Tamper Data.  Using my variable scanner and Flash I was able to reproduce the same exploits by using action script which I load a custom SWF into the game..I guess he did not want to listen to my advice.  The new add cards and instant win/exp exploits are even better than before.  So I had to update the old exploit program to work with loading the custom SWF into a IE web browser which loads the game.

The Ederon Exploit program can now instantly add two cards of your choice and I added a much needed player ID search feature which is for the quick exp/win exploit. To get the players ID in the game just click their name in-game then click the "Selected Name" button in the program and then click the "Find ID" button. Sometimes it grabs the wrong ID so might have to use the Ederon player database. Once the chosen player ID is found it can be used with the add cards and quick win/exp exploit as well. If you wish to go back to your player account ID then hit the button again. The card IDs can be found at the Ederon card list database just right-click on the card name and copy the URL which holds the card ID.  I do not expect these exploits to last for long so enjoy them now.

Check out the video below for a quick demonstration of using the program and the download link. I will included the Visual Basic 6 / AS2 source code with the program in a few days, enjoy.

NOTICE: The game has been upgraded to Action Script 3 and no longer works so download was removed but I fixed and still will have the source available below.

DOWNLOAD HERE - EderonExploitSRC.rar
Ederon Online-Trading Card Game - Free Cards/Exp Exploit Visual Basic 6 source code

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