Sunday, November 02, 2008

BaseBods - Multiplayer Flash Baseball Game

I have been waiting for an online real time multiplayer Flash Baseball game for quite awhile now but tomorrow the wait is over. I decided to do a quick Google search Friday and ended up at BaseBods and noticed it was just about to launch which was awesome. The game is developed by a company called State of Play which created the first ever 'game as a single' in September.

What is BaseBods?

From the main website..

"Basebods is a real time multiplayer Baseball game. It’s big, it’s free to play, and you can become a part of it soon with just a couple of clicks.
Play against your friends, or anyone else in the world, or take on our own specialist teams in the exciting Single Player Challenge.

The best bit is still to come, and it’ll be available soon after the initial launch. You’ll be able to build your own awe-inspiring team of Bods, and customise the way each one looks. Want a Ninja, in shiny white sneakers, using a magic wand as a bat? You got it! You can also buy new parts for your stadium, or a new location (and yes, you can play on the moon if you like) – and then show your friends you’ve got the best looking ballpark in the world! Or the moon.

So, it’s free and it’s nearly here. All together now… Baseball for All!"

Expect to see me there playing the game and winning.

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